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Technology can be complicated but finding answers to how best to keep your company secure, efficient and taking advantage of innovation doesn't have to be. When you are ready to ask we are ready to answer.

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The pace of threats and the severity they can have is daunting. KL Tech offers a wide range of security services all designed to make sure your business stays up and running by diagnosing threats and mitigating them them before they can harm your business.


  • Ransomware protection
  • Crypto Jacking prevention
  • Detailed threat analysis (what was attempted)
  • Visibility of all questionable/malicious activity


  • Mitigate new threats like Cryptojacking
  • Automated End Point Detection Response (EDR)
  • Visibility to previously unidentified traffic


  • Reduce time spent on threats
  • Automated threat responses (EDR)
  • Ability to know more, control more
  • Prevent rather than remedy problems
  • Reduced down time

NYS Contact Tracing

If you get a call from “NYS Contact Tracing” (518-387-9993), PLEASE answer the phone. Answering the phone will keep your loved ones and community safe.
A contact tracer will:
NEVER ask for your Social Security number
NEVER ask for any private financial information
NEVER ask for credit card information
NEVER send you a link without proper authentication procedures

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