Risk is part of every business. Smart companies protect their assets with insurance but when it comes to their data far too many businesses rely on flimsy, out of date or ineffective means to secure critical data. Whether it is Financial Records, Compliance, Customer Info, Operations data or almost anything else you do on a computer if you are connected to the Internet your data is at risk and your business could then be in peril.

Risks includes loss, ransom, malicious acts, theft and identity fraud. Any one of those acts can result in hours of recovery, lost time, money and worse, your reputation. At KL Tech our focus on SECURITY for your business is part of every service. We actively and passively monitor your systems and activate security services that prevent intrusions and secure your data whether it’s malicious or accidental.

Statistics don’t lie and if your business has not been a target of a Cyberattack the odds suggest it  will be. Worse, today about half of all cyber traffic can’t be specifically identified even by some of the big brand security products. KL Tech utilizes the most advanced, best-in-class, proven technologies of today, not yesterday. If your business isn’t as protected as it could be what are you risking?

SECURITY for your business is a comprehensive landscape for KL Tech and we provide essential security features in every one of our business services.

IT Outsourcing
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Realtime threat notifications
  • Enterprise wide Next Gen Security products
  • Improved data sync to avoid version errors
  • Help Desk support on any Security question
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Cloud Optimization
  • Full suite of high security Cloud tools
  • Secure file sharing
  • Audit trail of every action
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Security Services
  • Ransomware protection
  • Crypto Jacking prevention
  • Detailed threat analysis (what was attempted)
  • Visibility of all questionable/malicious activity
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Email Productivity
  • Gateway Spam and Virus filtration
  • Questionable activity routed through a specialized filter
  • Management control for in/out emails
  • Compliance data preservation
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Backup & Recovery
  • Comprehensive Data Disaster Recovery Planning
  • High Security location digital backup
  • Short cycle data recovery
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Purchasing & Installation
  • Network wide security verification for any new or replacement hardware and software
  • Security testing for all new equipment
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Web Services
  • Assure advanced security for new web designs or added features
  • Provide design, upgrade, e-commerce through certified partners
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Camera Security
  • Provide multi-camera installations
  • Internal/External workplace views
  • Long term video storage
  • Feed hacking prevention
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Next Gen Phones
  • Upgrade to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
  • Telecom hacking protection (digital or analog)
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