Process is key to any business and we all get comfortable when we find a way that seems to work. Bringing technology and process INNOVATION to your business is KL Tech’s wheelhouse. The way to help any business, including our own, is to seek out innovations that support improvement in the big three: faster, better, cheaper. That’s a job that’s never complete

INNOVATION to us is a process of translating ideas or inventions into value for customers. Technology is by far the leading source of innovation in nearly every industry. We see it as part of the business model of our partners and it is our constant mission to find the optimal innovation and help you incorporate it into your business.

Our daily focus on innovation in the industry means you get top level CTO insights and input for your business without the overhead. We look for ways to improve our services and our clients’ business and innovate our own services while constantly exploring, testing and on-boarding the premier INNOVATIONS available to yield excellence in our services and your results.

IT Outsourcing
  • Reduction of client-side overhead
  • Upgrade current infrastructure
  • Stay ahead of threat developments
  • Next Generation products tested and applied ahead of the curve
  • New tools identify threats faster and more clearly
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Cloud Optimization
  • Real time on line collaboration
  • Utilize links and document shares instead of passing files
  • Reduce the challenges of compliance
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Security Services
  • Mitigate new threats like Cryptojacking
  • Automated End Point Detection Response (EDR)
  • Visibility to previously unidentified traffic
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Email Productivity
  • Effective SPAM filtration
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Identify inbound threats via email
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Backup & Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery strategy and tools
  • No end point software
  • Device independent data access
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Purchasing & Installation
  • Relationship with best in class providers
  • Extensive knowledge base and product experience
  • Efficient purchase, staging, installing
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Web Services
  • Utilize latest data center technologies
  • Cloud virtualization
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Camera Security
  • Remote viewing from phone or PC
  • Multi-camera internal/external views
  • Larger, longer video record retention
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Next Gen Phones
  • Feature rich Telephony
  • Designed system flexibility
  • Remote extension (ring anywhere)
  • Advanced call management (incoming)
  • PC-based link calling
  • Improved line clarity
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