There’s a reason we stress Security Awareness Training as a requirement for our clients. It starts with the realization that security is hard! Not only are the cyber bad guys regularly upgrading their hacking techniques and becoming ever more brazen with their acts of criminal ransom and extortion but the reality is that many victims made it easy for them.

It is less usual that an employee is participating in an “inside job” than they’ve made an innocent, or ignorant mistake but the consequences can compare. Of course following any breach the security systems you have in place may be the difference between a total cyber blunder and ongoing security.

It is every Managed Security Provider’s responsibility to make sure our clients are protected from threats or that intrusions are effectively mitigated but every company that owns a network should be sure that everyone who touches that network is a potential portal of danger. However, when properly trained on security threats with appropriate protocols and safe behaviors taught and practiced as part of an organization’s base cyber defense the vulnerability to threats is decreased exponentially.

The User Security Hole