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Far too many businesses rely on flimsy, out of date or ineffective means to secure data, and if you are connected to the Internet, your data is at risk.

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Innovation is the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value for customers.

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Efficiency is a simple measure of the ratio of the useful work performed by a machine or in a process to the total energy or cost expended.

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What We Offer Our Managed Technology Services

KL Tech is a leading Next-Gen Managed Technology and Security firm.  We are known for our ability to optimize the value and minimize the risks Technology can bring to your business. Established in 2000 in White Plains, NY and serving the New York Metro area and beyond with technology solutions that keep our customers on the leading edge of Security, Innovation and Efficiency.

The pace of technology, the costs of keeping up to date and the threats facing businesses today are more complex and more challenging than ever. A conversation with KL Tech can be the first step to allow your business to get better protection from threats and become more efficient by utilizing outsourced CIO guidance and strategy beyond that of a basic technology outsource provider. Seamlessly integrating the best tools and equipment in the constant stream of tech innovation is a cost-effective way for you to stay ahead of the curve and focus on the core products and services of your company without the risks, worries and expenses so pervasive in today’s tech arena.

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IT Outsourcing

Any business should focus on doing what they do best. What KL Tech does is take away your worries and responsibilities for managing your professional technology. By having technology experts assisting your business your focus can be where it needs to be, on what you do best. Read More

Cloud Optimization

Today’s cloud environment allows for a wide range of productivity, efficiency and security enhancements. Keeping up with the fast pace of change and opportunity is a KL Tech specialty. We help you get the most out of cloud computing. Read More

Security Services

The pace of threats and the severity they can have is daunting. KL Tech offers a wide range of security services all designed to make sure your business stays up and running by diagnosing threats and mitigating them them before they can harm your business. Read More

Email Productivity

Communication is a life blood for almost every business yet many employees spend countless unproductive hours on email in ways that can be improved. Whether it is advanced filtering or other automation we can show you how to get back lost hours with our email solutions. Read More

Backup & Recovery

Whether you need to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan, handle document retention compliance or have fast and easy access to historical data we can assist you in making sure you don’t lose valuable information or quickly access files you need to recover. Read More

Purchasing & Installation

Assisting customers with buying the right equipment at the right price at the right time is key to your technology efficiency. Besides helping you make the best choices our professional staff will buy, prepare and install your technology giving you a turnkey purchasing solution. Read More

Web Services

Web sites are ubiquitous to business but they need to be kept fresh and updated for content, technical compatibility and search optimization. Whether you are redesigning your entire site or working with a third party to provide new pages we help customers get it right the first time. Read More

Camera Security

In the past, having camera security meant bulky and expensive equipment, minimal storage and single screen or workstation views. Today’s environment has low cost, low profile cameras for external or internal security, smart phone monitoring and easy, long term storage options. Read More

Next Gen Phones

We take phones for granted but has your office technology kept up with the options and opportunities common to most smart phones? The right equipment and setup can bring a new variety of features, enhancements and cost saving opportunities, we can help you get there. Read More

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