Date Published: June 13, 2017

This is the first of many weekly blog posts to come that are specifically productivity tips to help you get your job done faster, easier and more efficiently.

This week’s Quick Tip:

If you don’t touch type, this has probably happened to you before.  You accidentally hit the CAP lock key (or forgot to disable it), and you end up typing multiple sentences (or paragraphs) only to look up and see that it “lOOKS sOMETHING lIKE tHIS.”  No need to erase and retype with today’s tip.


Office Tip: Change Case in Microsoft Word or Outlook

Highlight the words you want to change.

Hold down the shift key and hit F3 until your text looks right.


Highlight the words you want to change.

Click the ‘Home’ Tab,  and then click on the icon shown here:

If you are in Outlook, the same setting will be found under the ‘Format Text’ tab.

When you click this icon, you will notice that you’ll also be able to tOGGLE cASE, which is not an option when using the SHIFT + F3 method.