Security Services

How protected do you think you are?

If you believe your company’s internal network is safe, think again. As technology innovations and your work activity both continue to grow in complexity, so do the number of vulnerability points of your network, servers and workstations. Protecting your data and the continuity of your business flow requires keeping a constant eye on all aspects of your network. Viruses and Spyware are once again on the rise. One click on the wrong link is all it takes to infect a computer or network. KL Tech offers many solutions that provide you with the highest level of protection from Network and Workstation Security, to Wireless Security, to secure Remote Access. KL Tech covers all your defenses!

  • “Round the Clock”

    Security monitoring is constantly searching for weaknesses in your network.

  • Virus and Spyware protection

    By maintaining anti-spyware and virus software on all covered devices, our engineers can ensure immediate detection & prevention from the unwanted & ever-growing threat of network intrusion.

  • Properly configured Firewalls

    Firewall Management: Like servers, Firewalls play an instrumental role in keeping your network healthy. We will ensure that your firewall devices are running up to industry.

  • Content Filtering

    By adding content filtering to your network, you can prevent employees from accessing potentially dangerous websites that they go to for personal reasons, unrelated to your business. It also prevents your employees from spending their day shopping, instant messaging with friends, downloading illegal content or watching videos on YouTube while you’re paying them to work.