Managed Services



Imagine having the peace of mind knowing that the health and upkeep of your entire IT infrastructure is being monitored and tended to 24/7. The type of coverage that ensures dramatically reduced negative business impact of network downtime by minimizing both the duration and volume of IT failures. Plus immediate response from an entire network of accredited and trusted specialists. As a certified Managed Services provider, KL Tech brings the highest level of confidence backed by the strength and leadership of the entire technical support and services industry- working for you! With the right combination of world class Monitoring & Management Tools, as well as our industry leading preventative maintenance approach, our clients experience highly reliable and stable networks that allow them to focus on the critical services that drive their business. We fully understand that in order to increase your staff’s productivity, you need a stable network. Our proactive approach translates into stable networks!




With KL Tech’s Managed Services, we monitor your entire IT infrastructure 24/7 so your company is always running at optimal efficiency. And all of our service plans offer enterprise solutions from maintenance only plans to all-inclusive fixed-cost options

Most IT Support companies work on the ‘break-fix’ model where they’re getting paid when your network fails. Their entire business model is based on getting paid when you have problems. The difference with our Proactive Support model is that it’s in our best interest to keep your network operating smoothly.

Why deal individually with each IT problem you face when KL Tech can save you the headache with one comprehensive solution? Our goal is to proactively maintain your IT Infrastructure to reduce downtime, discover and address any issues that arise before they become ISSUES. Of course, we are always available should an

  • KL Tech’s Gold & Platinum Packages are like having an in-house IT department for a fraction of the cost. These packages are all inclusive and cover all of your IT needs for a fixed monthly cost.

  • KL Tech’s Silver Package (Monitoring and Maintenance Only) . This service would include PC health monitoring, preventative maintenance, and ensuring that your PCs have all of the latest security and antivirus patches. Once per month basic maintenance will be performed remotely. The analogy we like use to explain the necessity of this service is, if you bought a new car, would you drive it 60,000 miles without ever changing the oil?

  • ALL PCs experience performance degradation over time. Our managed services will ensure that your computers continue to function at their maximum potential. All PCs require regular maintenance, very few ever receive it.

In addition to maintaining the highest level of performance for your PCs. Managed services also allow us to discover problems before they become catastrophic, leading to down-time or data loss. KL Tech will perform this maintenance remotely and onsite for all PCs and Servers on a monthly basis. In most cases, this maintenance will be performed after hours to avoid interruption.