Hardware Sales

The most vital must-have
elements of your BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY


Advancing your business means having the right tools and the most capable personnel available to your needs- when you need them! Where delays in response and system failures can be catastrophic, reliability is truly our first priority for your IT infrastructure.

Business technology has (now) become the singlemost valuable asset to any production line. From email solutions, internet access and hardware performance- your office relies heaviest on them for daily operations. With the ability to request help or purchase a new piece of hardware, your entire operation is covered. KL Tech at the push of a button.

Ask about the many contract options to bring you the right support package that suits your needs.

  • Sales & Service

    Need a new computer or server but you can’t tell the difference between them? KL Tech’s sales consultants are the single source for what’s out there. From top manufacturer and customer ratings to price guidance to performance tracking, you’ve got peace-of-mind assurance of what you’re getting from the support of techs who are always ‘in the know’.

  • Helpdesk Services

    Outsourcing with KL Tech means ‘virtual on-site support’. This means reaping the savings of a consultant with the performance of a localized IT staff. Our Help Desk services provide responses to client inquiries and solutions to day-to-day IT functions in real time- and with trusted reliability.

  • Easy remote access

    When you’ve got issues, we’re there with the POWER OF NOW! KL Tech support implements today’s remote diagnostic and repair solutions of all your software in minutes, rather than hours or days to get you back up and running with as little downtime as possible. No more excuses from the many variables of tech appointments and travel delays; simply log on to our online support portal and you’ll enjoy the modern age of support.