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As your company grows, so does your demand for efficiency, advanced productivity and the ability to fulfill your ever-changing needs. Managing your EMAIL these days includes a wide variety of options depending on your company’s needs. The one constant requirement is a reliable mail server that won’t miss a beat! KL Tech email solutions can empower your daily operations with the most up-to-date options for delivering the most efficient communications both internally and with the rest of the world!


1) Hosted or In-House Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange Server offers the following benefits:

Synchronize your email, contacts, calendar, notes, and memos across any number of PCs. For example if you have a desktop and a laptop, and you add, modify or delete a contact or calendar entry, the changes would be immediately reflected on the other computer. Synchronization also ensures that your sent items, inbox, and any subfolders you create are also kept in sync.

Shared Calendars and Contacts: In addition to your private contacts, you can have an additional Shared contacts folder. This would allow all users to access the same contacts. And again, if any user with access adds, deletes, or modifies a contact, all other users would see the changes reflected immediately. The same concept applies to having a Shared company calendar. Permissions can be set to allow specific users read only access or full access and control of the Shared contacts and calendar.

2) Spam filtering & Virus filtration
The best spam and virus solution for email is “gateway” spam filtering. A Gateway filter scans your email before it is delivered to you (there is no perceptible delay). If the scanner detects that a message is either spam or is infected in any way, it will automatically be filtered and you will not receive the message. A common problem with any type of email filtration is ‘false positives’ – this is when an email is filtered that should not have been. Our solution has one of the best rates in terms of false positives in the industry.

So what happens when something is filtered?

When a message is filtered, it is sent to your quarantine. You do not receive the message in Outlook or Outlook Express. At the end of each day, you will receive a quarantine report email displaying the sender and subject line for any emails that were quarantined. From here, you can choose to ‘release’ the message(s), and they would then be delivered to Outlook; or, you can choose ‘Always Allow’ which automatically creates a rule preventing mail from that particular sender from ever being blocked in the future. You can also easily access your quarantine throughout the day if necessary.

Effectiveness – reduce spam by over 90%

Prevent viruses and spam from ever reaching your inbox

3) Small biz POP/ IMAP email – we also offer standard POP or IMAP email for smaller businesses on a tighter budget that do not require any of the benefits of an exchange server.