Business Solutions

The KLTECH Promise


To stay ahead in today’s business environment requires sharp, innovative tools to drive your company’s entire operations. Maintaining the current flow of your productivity is paramount and it calls on technology support you can trust with the expertise to keep systems and communications in peak performance. KL Tech understands that the smallest issues to your ‘engine’ could mean unrecoverable business loss – which is why we provide our clients only the highest standards in care for their entire network.

Based in White Plains, KL Tech is a major IT services provider for small and medium sized companies in the New York and Tri State areas. We provide the highest quality and affordable tech support, maintenance and deployment in the industry. Companies with 25 – 700 employees immediately recognize the benefits of outsourcing their technology needs to KL Tech’s certified & highly qualified team. From 24/7 monitoring and support as well as our many on-call services, KL Tech is available when you need us.

Realizing the potential of your office means streamlining your resources and getting the most out of the right technology solutions. From state-of-the-art communications and support services to disaster recovery applications, you’re at the top of your industry- and that translates to peak business performance in today’s competitive world. That’s the competitive edge that KL Tech provides its clients.

Since 2002, KL Tech has been providing our clients with a complete array of products and services from interoffice servers to desktop computers, firewalls, email systems, data recovery & backup solutions, security and employee monitoring, anti-virus/anti spam solutions, multi-office connectivity, Digital CCTV systems and multimedia presentation solutions. We also carry the latest equipment to provide 24/7 monitoring of your system to ensure limited or near-zero downtime for your office.

Where solutions begin

Understanding your technology needs can be quite challenging- especially if you’re attempting it alone. With the overflow of tech products out there alongside the barrage of suggestions you may receive from everyone, you need a single trusted and knowledgeable source to guide you to the right tech answers for your company.

From analyzing your current investment to implementing the right solutions, KL Tech takes the worry from making the wrong choices. First, we begin with a system wide review (or a network analysis). Here, we conduct a thorough diagnostic of your system’s current behavior in order to identify areas that need improvement, replacement or upgrades. To keep costs down, we are also interested in looking for elements that still retain their value (in function and output) and suggest ways to extend the life of these tools. Once the plan is set, you are guaranteed a road map that suits your budget and your daily demands.

By putting YOU in the drivers’ seat, we assemble a custom plan that’s perfect for your existing business- and the business that you wish to become! At KL Tech, we don’t just work for you- we work WITH you!

Quality Customer Care

Each and every work day is filled with a set of variables that may lead you to seek help. Information Technology certainly has its share of “unpredictables” that range from a head-scratching experience to sheer PANIC. Marvel at the fact that 2015 is the era of advanced tech solutions and optimum client care. KL Tech leads the response race by employing remote access methods and MANAGED SERVICES. Now, it’s so easy for you get back in top speed without even lifting the telephone!


KL Tech is proud of its relationships with all our clients because of our open line of communication and our compassion to hear our clients needs and questions. We go that extra mile to help educate our clients because the more they understand, the better we can serve them.