Backup & Recovery


Take a moment to consider the impact of your server(s) crashing. Now consider what the impact on your business would be if your data was irrecoverable. Protecting your business means using the best and most current data recovery solutions available and to perform reliably when it counts the most! The same can be said for your technology professional who recommends the right solutions to safeguard your company’s most valued assets. Don’t compromise on earlier backup technologies that may be prone to disappointment and data loss when disaster strikes.


Statistics show that everyone loses data, it’s just a matter of how much and when. It could be as simple as overwriting a file that had not been saved and losing the changes (1-2 hours of work lost). On the other extreme, if you lose a whole server without a good backup, you could lose your entire business.

Many companies use onsite solutions such as an external hard drive. These solutions are not ideal. It is critical that your data can be safely backed up to an offsite location. We have seen many instances where hard drives sit right next to the server. In this case, a fire, flood, or natural disaster will take out your backup along with your server. Even if you are taking hard drives offsite, they are still more difficult to manage, generally have limited retention options, and are simply not as reliable.

Once you have made the decision to backup offsite, you still have many options. For some smaller businesses, there are a few decent budget solutions available – you may even have seen them advertised on TV. For the majority of our clients we recommend an Enterprise Level Solution. Enterprise solutions offer several advantages over the budget backup solutions:


  • Used by Fortune 500 companies
  • Greater reliability
  • Better support when you need it most
  • Better encryption and data protection. These services have an extremely high level of encryption, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the service provider, or anyone else, obtaining access to your data.
  • Retentions – these are key as you may not become aware that a doc is missing until it has already been removed from lower cost solutions. With Enterprise Backup Solutions, you can keep daily, weekly, monthly and annual backups. This ensures that you can recover any document(s) that may have been accidentally deleted or over-written up to a year after they have been lost. In many cases, you may not be aware that the data is missing until you look for it 6-8 months later.


Think about what would happen if your company’s data was completely lost due to a server crash with no backup, or an unreliable one that is corrupted and unrecoverable. Our Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions provide our customers with the ability to quickly recover from a disaster and/or unexpected event and resume or continue operation.